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The solution against littering in parcs

Become a shining example

Businesses and other commercial organisations can also help to keep our parcs nice and clean by distributing branded CleanPicnic blankets to parc visitors:


  • Sampling: a promotion team hands out the blankets to your picnic target audience in and around the parks and cities of your choice.
  • Product placement: in and around parks and recreation areas the blankets will be promoted via designer stands or displays. CleanPicnic blankets are positioned strategically where visitors are invited to take and use them.
  • Door-to-door CleanPicnic blankets are distributed door-to-door in areas around parks and recreation areas, selections of the areas are based on demographic data.

If you are interested to help with our parc approach we gladly inform you about the possibilities. This approach is a special placemaking initiative that requires a little more explanation. Please contact Thijs Verheugen or call for enquiries in europe +31(0)6 29 05 7171.

For North American CleanPicnic initiatives contact Rogier ten Kate or Marieke Amoureus via or call 1(705) 737 7801.

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