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The solution against littering in parcs

The CleanPicnic blanket

We encourage parcs, local governments and businesses to distribute custom-made CleanPicnic blankets to parc visitors. There is two ways to implement CleanPicnic; a parc approach and a commercial approach.

80% of the blanket design shows a cheerful tartan print in your company or parc colors. The other 20% is reserved for your message to the parc visitors. We design, produce and deliver the blankets.

We aim to produce our CleanPicnic blankets as sustainable as possible. Therefor it is made from 100% recycled plastic. This currently is the best and most durable production method. Biodegradable bioplastic is not an option yet because the CleanPicnic blanket mostly ends up in a mixed waste cycle.

If you have any suggestion on making our product cleaner please let us know!

CleanPicnic voorbeelden


  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 meter.
  • Material: recycled plastic.
  • Volume: minimal volume of 10.000 blankets.
  • Delivery time: 8 weeks from approved design to delivery (within the European Union - please check with us for delivery times outside the EU).

Parc visitor Joseline de Kwart: "I think its a great idea. People usually want to clean, but think its too much of a hassle. This idea is the easiest way to gether your waste when you are done picnicking.".

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