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The solution against littering in parcs

Brilliant idea

All over the world a beautiful day is spent in the park enjoying a bite to eat with family and friends. Life at its best! The only drawback is the amount of litter often left behind. Preventing that is essential to continuing the tradition of a picnic in the park. With this challenge in mind, we created the CleanPicnic blanket. It is a revolutionary way to encourage the use of our beautiful park space while promoting responsible clean up. CleanPicnic blankets reduce park maintenance expenses, bylaw /park officer intervention, and the need for enforcement and setting of fines for a forgotten sandwich wrapper or juice container. The CleanPicnic blanket is financed completely by advertisers allowing parks to freely distribute them to visitors. This way everyone - producer and consumer - contributes to keeping our recreation areas and parks clean.



CleanPicnic UK & Ireland
For UK and Ireland inquiries please contact Jane Finlay:
107 Chestnut Grove
New Malden
Great Britain
tel. 07976703123 /

CleanPicnic Europe
Is stationed in The Hub in Amsterdam. An inspiring place for people with new ideas for a better world. Please contact:
Thijs Verheugen
tel. +31(0)629057171 / or
Twan van Dommelen
tel. +31(0)65118949 /

CleanPicnic North America
For north American inquiries please contact Marieke Amoureus:
53 Bedell Crescent
Whitby, Ontario
L1R 2N7  Canada
tel. 1(705) 730 2983 /

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