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The solution against littering in parcs

Our parc approach

The solution for waste in parcs is very simple: encourage the parc visitors to clean their parc or, their own backyard so to speak. How? By making it fun and easy to clean up with free CleanPicnic blankets.

And it works!
Nowadays CleanPicnic is implemented in two of the major cities in the Netherlands. It's a proven concept which results in less litter and less cleaning costs.

If you would like to know more about these parc approaches we would gladly send you our Westerpark showcase (Westerpark is the largest recreational parc in Amsterdam).

CleanPicnic kickoff Westerpark Amsterdam.

Joop Bakker, parc maintenance employee: "After a busy and warm night we checked our garbage containers and we could see that the CleanPicnic blankets were used in the right way".

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